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Outspoken Icons

External Services:
  • outspokenicons@livejournal.com

You may use my icons anywhere. Just please don't claim you made them.
I like seeing my icons on xanga icon sites. I don't mind anyone doing that.
I'd appreciate it if you would credit me on xanga, but I don't require it.
There's no need to credit me on livejournal at all. I just enjoy making the icons
and one credit isn't a priority. This journal is friends only except for the most recent icon post. Credits are here.

About Me
I just happen to be named Nikki Dee. I'm a seventeen year old girl.
I come from the Palmetto state, South Carolina. Not all of us are hicks.
I enjoy playing the guitar, art, skating, and making graphics.
If you'd like to know more, check out my personal journal.